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Georgette Story

Meet the delightful Georgette!

Stepping into her house and into her kitchen is akin to entering a visual feast of color, an assortment of impeccable taste, but above all it is feeling that precious motherly touch that makes everything seem so simple and easy.

Spending her days in nature with her children, she taught them about every crop, vegetable and fruit. As the seasons changed, so did her lessons; she soon became Maroun’s muse and teacher, imparting to him the importance of tradition and sharing with him her passion for food of incomparable quality and taste.

Her cooking and her joie-de-vivre, as well as her presence in the kitchen, had magical healing powers that would make one feel immediately content and at peace. Her recipes were a tribute to tradition and a bouquet of flavors and aromas. She gave Maroun a legacy that he treasures and thrives to develop with new methods and techniques; his culinary journey pays homage to the richness of his mother’s world.

Today, respect for tradition, a meticulous attention to detail and a selection of the best products that nature provides are hallmarks of the Georgette brand. The Georgette legacy lives on with an assortment of high quality products for unique cooking and entertaining that not only celebrate a Middle Eastern heritage but also epitomize the culinary genius of Maroun Chedid.