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 Chocolate Making Workshop (3 Days) Zoom

Chocolate Making Workshop (3 Days)

Discover the secrets of the chocolate making process in this hands-on bean-to-bar 3-days workshop. You will learn all the basics you need to know, guiding you through the world of chocolate with a special tasting of raw cocoa nibs, 100%pure chocolate and special secret ingredients. The techniques taught include: tempering, molding, enrobage, moulage, as well as making hand-dipped chocolate and fillings (ganache, praline, caramel, fruit jellies…)

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  • Description

    Chef Pierre Abi Haila
    Date Jun 21, 2021
    End Date Jun 23, 2021
    Timing 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    Class Category All About Desserts
    Offered Beverage Coffee

    • Introduction:
      • Tasting Knowledge
      • From Bean to Bar
    • The Workshop:
      • Tempering Technique
      • Molding
      • Hand-dipped Chocolate
      • Filling: Ganache, Praline, Caramel, Fruit Jellies
      • Enrobage, Moulage 

    Pierre Abi Haila

    Pastry Chef and Chocolatier, Pierre Abi Hayla is one of the youngest Pastry Chefs in Lebanon with an indescribable passion for chocolate. His amazing skills and creativity have made him one of the most renowned chefs in the country. He has vast experience internationally and locally in the world of chocolate, and his creation, the “Egstrate”, a multi-layered chocolate egg with unique colors and design, won the 1st jury prize, from more than 115 candidates in the Valrhona Easter Competition in 2016. Currently, Pierre is a successful consulting pastry chef working with many restaurateurs in Beirut, he also manages his own chocolate atelier, Le Noir.